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Pile Kit

  • Relief from various symptoms associated with piles
  • Alleviation of pain, reduction of swelling, and soothing of itching.
  • Provide relief from fistulas and bleeding.
  • Relief from constipation & pain
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Himbuti Pile Kit :

Discover natural relief and support with the Himbuti Pile Kit, a comprehensive solution for managing the symptoms of piles. This carefully curated kit includes three potent Ayurvedic products: Pile_K Tablet, Tan Shudhi Churna, and Liver 99. Together, they provide holistic relief from the discomfort associated with piles, fistulas, and constipation.

1. Pile-K Tablet

  • Function: Alleviates pain, reduces swelling, and soothes itching associated with piles.
  • Benefits: This powerful tablet is formulated to target the root causes of piles, providing fast and effective relief from discomfort. It helps in reducing inflammation, shrinking swollen tissues, and promoting healing.

2. Tan Shudhi Churna

  • Function: Provides relief from constipation and pain, enhancing digestive health.
  • Benefits: Tan Shudhi Churna is a potent blend of natural ingredients that aids in regulating bowel movements, reducing straining during defecation, and easing the pain associated with piles. It also helps in detoxifying the body, promoting overall digestive wellness.

3. Liver 99

  • Function: Supports liver health, enhancing overall detoxification and improving digestive function.
  • Benefits: Liver 99 is designed to support liver function, which is crucial for maintaining a healthy digestive system. By improving liver health, this supplement aids in reducing the recurrence of piles and enhances the effectiveness of the other two products in the kit.

Key Benefits:

  • Comprehensive Relief: Effectively alleviates pain, reduces swelling, and soothes itching.
  • Manages Fistulas and Bleeding: Provides targeted relief from the discomfort of fistulas and helps manage bleeding.
  • Improves Digestive Health: Relieves constipation and associated pain, promoting easier and healthier bowel movements.
  • Natural and Safe: Made from carefully selected Ayurvedic ingredients, ensuring a natural and safe approach to managing piles.

Usage Instructions:

  • Pile_K Tablet: Take as directed by your healthcare provider, typically 1-2 tablets twice daily after meals.
  • Tan Shudhi Churna: Mix the recommended dosage with warm water and consume once daily.
  • Liver 99: Take as directed, usually 1-2 capsules twice daily after meals.


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